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Monday, 26 September 2011

Nice day for it?

An interesting week, joined the gym but was then felled by a bug so haven't really had the chance to work either the guns or the pistons yet. However both myself and Ewan braved the elements yesterday, Sunday the 25th of September and clocked up another 6 miles along Kilbirnie cycle path.
To be honest the weather was ridiculous, the entire ride was blighted by torrential downpours but we powered on. As soon as we started off though, we encountered our first hurdle, Ewan had a flat tyre.

Not so sure of how good a view you get in the video but it was not an easy ride for Mr Jamieson. We persevered and after each ride I am feeling more comfortable in the saddle. The one good thing about the bad weather is that not many people are stupid enough to be out in it, but we are.

After a while in this kind of weather you just accept your fate. You are soaked through and you cant get any wetter so you might as well enjoy yourself.

Hopefully the next time we go out the weather will be kinder but it definitely felt good to get back out there and I even conquered a hill that beat me last time we were out.

This week I will be trying to hit the gym as Ewan is away to Berlin. I really struggle in the gym due to the boredom of it all, that and the general public puffing and panting all around me, with their big fat sweaty red faces. I will struggle on though.

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