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Monday, 3 October 2011

The Training Begins In Earnest.

A cracking wee cycle tonight took us to Lochwinnoch and back. Distance wise the greatest achievement so far. Fighting against an all mighty headwind  and racing the darkening skies we now await our cooking sausages and Hot Tub Time Machine as way of reward.

After taking advantage of an Aldi deal we now have lights, a puncture repair kit and some snazzy cycling gloves to help us on our way. With that and the reflective "Be safe, be seen" badges that Lauren acquired for us we were ready, ready to roll.

We got going but Ewans recently repaired bicycle started to act up. Thankfully the puncture repair kit had a wee spanner in it and we hit the road again, ready to get the miles under our belt.

All in all we managed about 8 miles, reaching Lochwinnoch before cycling back. Again Ewan had some mechanical issues but the trusty repair kit was at hand allowing us to battle the head winds and head home before the night caught us.

Despite the glorious sunshine down south I can confirm it is somewhat chilly up here and I don't see it getting any warmer in the coming months. The gloves should prove to be a worthy purchase, they certainly rose to the task tonight.

So, you might be thinking that's it regarding the news but I saved the best for last. We can proudly announce the wonderful addition of our new Official Trip Advisor, the wonderfully named Mr Gregory Miller. A Captain of Industry, the Finnish based Gregory has experienced the rigours of cycling Europe. With his expertise, experience, support, Rock star looks and general awesomeness Gregory Miller is a glorious addition to the expedition. Mr Miller, we salute you...

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