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Monday, 12 September 2011

The Uber Challenge

2 men, 2 bicycles, 1 Great Britain....this is Ewan and Duffs Uber Challenge Blog.

You might think 2 people cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End (or Lands End to John O'Groats depending on which one is in Scotland) for charity would be challenge enough. You might even want to call them heroes, and I would agree. But the real challenge hasn't even started yet.

The idea was put forth after a vigorous game of volleyball on the 1st of September 2011 by one Ewan Jamieson to myself Gregor 'Duff' Miller. Why not I thought, it seems like a good challenge and we could heckle some shekels out of family and friends for charity.

So here I find myself a week and a half later, the tail winds of hurricaine Katia whipping the west coast of Scotland and the plan to meet Ewan after his work to learn how to ride a bicycle. Yup, 30 years old and I can't go a bicycle. In fact I have a venomous hatred for bicycles and and indeed, their riders. Right from the ludicrous helmets and spandex onesies down to the fact that they are an inconvenience on the road that they don't even contribute taxes towards, I digress, my point is that this is MY Uber Challenge.

It could be argued though that the toughest challenge lays at the door of Ewan. Tasked with trying to teach me how to ride a bicycle it could be described as an uphill battle to say the least. I am grumpy, unmotivated, lazy...did I mention I hate bicycles? He did try a couple of years ago and I managed to roll 200 yards down a hill, but, unless we find a route the length of Britain with a gentle slope we may have to alter these tactics.

We will be updating you along the way so after (hopefully) mastering the ancient art of cycling with dark and broody skys looming over us, winds chasing our tails as if Aeolus himself had sent them and the rain lashing our brows we shall prevail like David against Goliath to continue this tale of heroism and bravery.


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