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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Ewan heroically rescues a sheep

Today I got up and decided I should really cycle, as I hadn't been out in a week and jogbut is getting closer. So off I set. I thought to myself that I would just cycle over to Lisa's in Irvine and back. A 20 miler.

However, on the way, at the back of the Blair Estate in Dalry I saw a sheep on its back writhing around. Now, once in 1999 at Kelburn Country Park in Largs I saw a sheep stuck on its back. Me and my friend Robbie could not stop laughing. Stupid sheep. However, that night at dinner my Mum informed me that that sheep would've probably died. Not so funny!

Anyway, I thought this is it. Redemption. I'll save this sheep. I stopped at the gate and it had been struggling for at least 30 seconds. The other sheep, who could clearly have nudged it over, just didn't seem to care. So I set off on a rescue mission. Best to watch the video

So there we have it the fly sheep was merely itching its back or something. Redemption will have to wait. But I guess it's the thought that counts.

So that's it one video one blog. Or is it? Actually no. If you look below you'll be amazed to see some red belly button fluff. Yes red! I couldn't believe it either. It's a well known fact belly button fluff is always blue.

So long readers and sorry about the misleading title. It was a lot better than Ewan didn't rescue a sheep.
Uber Ewan

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