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Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Greatest Comeback Since Lazarus

It's been a while and there is some huge news in the world of the Uberchallenge. Following a hectic work schedule and rather smashing trips to London and either Majorca/Mallorca/Menorca (Not sure but it was lovely and sunny), it was decided that due to lack of preparation and the possibility of catching up made near to impossible due to work and Ewans street dance troupe we had a decision to make. As a result we are now going to concentrate on tackling Scotland alone, still an unnerving feat for both myself and the lazy, inactive Ewan.

That said we are both back in the saddle and last week took a glorious trip along the glorious West coast to Ardrossan. Making the most of the incredible sunshine we headed out like a pair of migrating Buffalo chasing the sun's descent across the clear blue sky.

Here you can see the stunning, rolling green hills that we are blessed with in this beautiful country and we pedaled on see more. Cycling beside the shore gave us some great photo opportunities as you can see below, these would not look out of place in next years 'Handsome Cyclists in Saltcoats, Stevenston & Ardrossan Calender'.

On approach to Ardrossan our manly bellies rumbled however our pockets were empty, we were up the proverbial creek until I realised that my woman was working there. We cycled on with hope in our hearts stopping only to take a picture of an interesting seagull on a van.

Unfortunately the feathery little prick had other ideas so I had to stand in.

We entered Laurens workplace and demanded ten of her British pounds so we could exchange this cash for some kind of chipped potato. After accompanying her to the Asda cash machine, dodging Ardrossan locals, or 'Scumbags' as they are more commonly known on the way, we found our way to the Spicy Hut.

Laurens generosity knew no bounds and before long we were in possession of two Cheese Burger and chip meals, the cheese burgers enhanced by a delightful garlic sauce.

 Making our way down to the promenade we settled down to enjoy our meals.

Now when two prime examples of manhood sit down to share a meal in the evening in such a beautiful location there is only one way to do it. The following video captures this fantastically.

After finishing we remembered to bin our rubbish because littering is unacceptable.

After nourishing our minds, bodies and souls we headed back on a fairly uneventful trip, uneventful until we saw a rare moment of peace and beauty on the way home. Just beyond the town of Stevenston the cycle track reaches an embankment, on one side a park, the other an untouched wilderness. It was in that wilderness that we saw evidence of Gods beautiful handiwork. In this most inauspicious of places where Buckfast and stabbings are as commonplace as water and handshakes we saw three deer carefully making there way across the scrub-land. Stopping occasionally to drop their heads and take a mouthful of vegetation we watched in awe as these graceful creatures made their way across this country, much like the Uberchallengers will do in the months ahead.


  1. Some words of wisdom for you:

    1. point noted. I am now not only more educated but frankly a more rounded and better person. Finest regards UberEwan