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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Final Countdown

 Right so this is it. The final big cycle and the final big test. My last cycle before I embark and Duff's big test just to prove to one and all that he has the power and the strength to conquer his cycling fears.

So we set off for Kilmarnock. It was Duff's idea. I had said we had to do 50 miles. Duff cunningly led me to Kilmarnock. It turned out to be a 33 mile cycle and Duff had to go and get a tattoo in Kilmarnock whilst I had to go somewhere else in Kilmarnock for 2 hours. As far as friends go he's a rubbish one. He certainly seemed to get what he wanted. Although, I suppose he didn't want to do any of those 33 miles. So maybe it was a compromise. A compromise that led to me sitting alone in a pub for 2 hours in Kilmarnock. In that time I discovered I'm still rubbish at crosswords. One highlight was the boys near me trying to name 11 Rangers players and another claiming McCoist would definitely make a playing comeback.

Below You can see me using my excellent 5 Star Map. This has our route through Scotland. We don't know what roads yet but how hard can it be? Duff is supremely confident. Why? I don't know. It will be fun though.

You may remember bold predictions of cycling down hill from John O'Groats to Lands End (JOGLE) were booted into touch long agos as was Lands End to John O'Groats (LEJOG). Laterally John O'Groats to Berwick upon Tweed (JOGBUT) was also given the heave ho.

I'm now cycling Mull of Galloway to John O'Groats (MOGJOG) then cycling back with Duff from Tongue to Berwick upon Tweed (TONGUEBUT) haha. TONGUEBUT. Too funny. Worth doing for the name alone.

5 Star Map

Duff did treat me to a McDonald's. Maybe he isn't completely  useless
As you can see above we stumbled across the Everglade Forest. Bert and Cedric were nowhere to be seen. Probably stopping Cyril in his tracks

Before long we decided to mix things up and go off the cycle track. We took a sign for eglinton park. This got us lost in Bourtreehill for at least 4 miles as we cycled round paths. We eventually found an end to Labyrintreehill but stumbled across a monstrosity of a three laned roundabout where we manfully took the path round.

Teased with the prospect of heading off route
Monstrsity of a roundabout

Dodging the roundabout

As a little bonus I've left you with a picture of my splendid new cycling T. An Aardvark! Amazing! Haha. I couldn't resist. Lisa says I look skinny. That much is obvious. I knew that she was also swooning at my devilish handsomeness.
Byebye uberreaders xx Maybe see you before the trip.

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