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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Uber Challenge - Day 3

I woke up to be a year older, yup, 24(ish) and what better way to celebrate being over the hill than by getting up and tucking in to a lovely cooked breakfast. A fine choice in B&B by Lauren saw us feast before we hit the road. We started and were soon to be treated to a glorious sight coming through a small wooded cycle track leaving Inverness. A Couple of trees along the way had been carved into fantastic tributes to the Gruffalo and a lovely dragon.

After this we cycled on, through Culloden (not a Jacobite in sight) and found ourselves twisting and turning before chancing on this graffitti that was quite delightful.

We then had to climb a monster of a hill in a heavily populated area, what kind of idiot would live on a hill like this. I had to stop several times to eat Jelly Babies while Ewan powered on into the distance. We continued on and stopped briefly in Tomatin to refuel.

 Ewan made an entry into the journal as we waited so we wouldn't forget any of our wonderful tale.

We continued along the cycle route 7 and as we ran parallel to the A9 we made fantastic time and ate up the miles. We even had time to stop while I geekily pointed at a Cairngorms sign

Indeed, The Cairngorms, I can hear your collective gasps from here. We were cycling through Scotlands mountain range because we are big strong men! So strong in fact Ewan had time to hold up a bridge while a lorry went over it.

But on we went and the views were beautifuly breathtaking. At one point my phone rang, I thought it might be a member of my loving family, calling to wish me a happy birthday. It was a chap talking about PPI, even in the remotest parts of Scotland you cant escape them!

We again needed to refuel and headed to Aviemore as I recalled the restaurant myself and Lauren had visited on the way up that offered a lunch buffet of pizza and pasta. What more could you ask for? It was hard work but we got there and not before time, we needed a rest and we needed a feed, and I mean a FEED!

After we ate the thought of cycling seemed like torture, we were tired but needed to go on. Even Ewans coffee didn't seem to be doing the trick.

We powered on with only about 15 miles to Kingussie where I was reliably informed by Ewan the campsite was situated. The road was nice and quiet so it was a comfortable ride in to Kingussie where we.....carried on? What madness was this? Ewan then told me it was Newtonmore that the campsite was. It appears we had crossed wires as the Ewan I know would have revelled in mugging me off on purpose, I jokingly proposed we set up our camp in castle that was being renovated. When Ewan appeared to be interested I feared for my sanity, what kind of birthday was this? We carried on and soon enough found our campsite, a couple of dogs cheered me up and we set up camp.

I didn't think my birthday could get any worse until I was presented with this view.

I gave up and went to bed at the back of seven. I had my lonely birthday dinner then went to sleep in preperation for the following day, 63 miles closer to the finish line.

Remember you can sponsor us with My charity being The Erskine charity - go here to sponsor or text LLCI81 £5 (or whatever amount) to 70070 

and Ewans charity is Alzheimer Scotland - you can go here to sponsor: or text JGGO80 £5 (or whatever amount) to 70070 

Any sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.

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