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Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Perfect Hat-trick

Hi Uberchallenge Fans,

                                   Here we are back again with the latest installment of what is sure to be the greatest story ever told.

It had been about 1 cycle in 3 weeks not championship training by any means but we are consistent.

So with our minds and bodies packed with enthusiasm and belief and our bags packed with cheap snacks from Morrisons we set off full of endeavour. Like two lions stalking a zebra we had Millport in our sights. But we have done Millport before on two occasions. This time we were breaking new barriers and going for a hat-trick of circulations.

Here is Duff below carb loading with all the goodness a Duff needs.

Below is a closer inspection 

 When I met Duff in the morning he showed me his new facial mask. "Sure to keep my face warm" he proclaimed. I was not impressed and reckoned he'd look like a football hooligan. As we set foot on Millport Duff donned the mask only for his spectacles to steam up. See below. An epic design flaw. It should surely be in the small print that this is unsuitable for 4 eyes. Maybe the small print was too small.
 Unperturbed by this we strode on with Duff laden with snacks and 3 litres of juice. Impressively we racked up 16 miles before stopping. Look at us zooming below. We were hitting a steady 11 mph even into the gailforce head on winds. But this did not take the wind out of our sales. Eh? This merely served to spur us on.

 Please also note Duff's bulging back pack.
 Next up we witnessed nature at its finest with a family of seals at the end of a jetty. Great moments like this make everything worthwhile. I decided it best to apply some commentary. I'm no Attenburgh but it was a  decent first shot

 Please note the great times on the crocodile rock below.
 First up was me then the sure footed Duff
 Two pictures of Duff below portray the real Duff and the fake happy Uberchallenger that he pretends to be in the occasional pic. Only joking the unhappy one is fake. Me and Duff have the bloody times of our lives! Classic times.

The snacks below were tasty. The wind chill was not but we smiled through with the stiff upper lip our country  needs.
 I think the pic below doesn't show the trip in its best light.
THIS VIDEO HOWEVER DOES! Bouyed by the efforts of cycling you can hear the joy in Duff's voice. I appreciate the wind blocks out some of the glory. Maybe we should get a boom or something. 
Back on terra firma we seek out our next quest.
Until next time keep on keeping on Uberchallenge followers

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