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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Through the Sea"Mill"

I know this title has been used before in a previous blog (through the mill"port") by Duff but its such a winner that it does it justice to be used twice.

There hasn't been much cycling of late due to my trip to Lochgilphead and Duff's manic work schedule. There was one Sunday morning cycle that turned into potential disaster after 4 miles. See pic below

This is the second time we have cycled from Dalry to Kilwinning and the second time Duff has had to lie down at the end. There was a vast improvement though as Duff made it up the hill known only as the "Kilwinning Corkscrew" (due to its steep and twisting path) without getting off. It was bellowed towards the top that his "heart was going to explode". There are videos of Duff lying down as Steve Wright Sunday love songs plays on my future handlebar radio but they have one or two expletives and shouldn't be shown in public. The tunes didn't make it the manliest of cycles but they served to strengthen the bond between us.

Anyway, onto the main event and here is Duff powering along the front at Stevenson. Who new the beach could look so nice?

We pedaled through Saltycoats avoiding the great hole and through Ardrossan onto new uncharted territory. Duff commented below that if people only saw this picture they may actually think Ardrossan was pleasant? The main reason for the picture below was to mark the fact we believed the cycle track had stopped and we were now prepared to follow the Ayrshire Coastal Path. Not a cycle track but it seemed a worthwhile gamble as we had time to cycle.

It's fair to say it wasn't. As before long this is what we were pedaling through. 

Then this! If you look closely the path is the flatter rubble this side of the black pipe and goes round to the right. Not great freewheeling terrain. So we chose to push to the road

Before long the low had turned into a high and what a little beauty of a cycle path this was. Following the coast all the way to Seamill.

Below is Seamill. As proven by the B and B sign.

If you can't read it here is proof. 

On the way back Duff proclaimed this the gayest moment of his life as we sat on the picnic table down the front and enjoyed my excellent tray bake containing biscuits, chocolate, rolos, mars bars and twix's. An excellent pick me up for the body and spirit.

There was still time for Duff to cycle into a bit of wood and get some wire wrapped round his wheel which he is fixing below.

All in 20 miles together and the plan to cycle to Glasgow this Sunday. Will anything ever stop the cycling juggernaut that is Duff and Ewan's Uberchallenge? Tune in next time to find out

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