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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Going loco in Kilmarnock and flying with the goose

So the Uberchallenge train is still well and truly on the tracks with John O'Groats the destination and the weekly run average being doubled thanks to British summer time (well for this week at least). Last Tuesday I met Duff after work in an effort to squeeze in a cycle before the sun went down. Below is a picture from our turning point on the back road from Dalry to Kilwinning. It was agreed that a Tuesday cycle would become a weekly addition to our training regime.

With the extra evening miles out the way we set about tearing up the cycle track again as we had Kilmarnock in our sites. I met Russell faster further Hamilton (remember him from previous blogs?) at the back of the Blair. See below

We then set off to get Duff. Little did we know he would be late. It turned out this was due to a last ditch portion of chicken nuggets (these were to play havoc with his stomach). Anyway, this was not time lost as myself and rusty fixed his breaks and I rigged up the future handlebar radio that gets us odd looks from passers by all over Ayrshire. Russell quickly set about testing his breaks in some style. See below and note the skid mark. In the other pic you should notice Duff's slick confident style as he powers round a corner in some style. This is a far cry from the public park cycle of October 2011.

 All was good as we set off with gusto and at high speeds. I could try and explain the video below. But words don't do our cycling euphoria justice. It's best to view it yourself

Before long we reached the end of the old Dalry to Kilmarnock railway line. You may remember this from a previous Uberblog when Duff's picture posing wasn't at it's greatest. So I decided to right this wrong. The first effort wasn't great but the second one was what I was looking for. Sixth time lucky!

 After this it was new ground as we ploughed on in search of "The Scheme". No one was sure but we thought  we may be in it. If any Uberchallenge followers would like to shed any light on this please do and we'll tick it off the Uber-to-do-list.
The Scheme?

As time went on we had turned and headed for home. There was still time for Duff to find this incredible way of upping his speed. He was like a cross between Dr Dolittle and Marti McFly on his hoverboard. He glided on for miles. Unbelievable stuff!!

With the wind beneath our wings we flew on only to find two tractors full of shreddies heading along the cycle path. See below. Unfortunately I wasn't exactly quick on the draw with the camera.

Below I have Duff walking. He likes to take any small opportunity to push his bike. In fact I pondered the Uberblog on my way home and reckoned if it wasn't for the sheer unlikeliness of Duff completing this challenge or any cycle for that matter this would just be another boring blog.

With another great 25 miles bagged we chatted, laughed and zoomed homeward. Here we are at the crossroads waving farewell. "Bye Russell" shouted Duff. "I bid you adieu my good man" replied Russell. Things were nice.

 So until next time it's farewell from them and farewell from me.

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