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Sunday, 22 January 2012

This is it. This time I know it's the real thing. I can't believe what a feeling

The words of the Danni Minogue classic said it all to me as we powered effortlessly cross county and into South Ayrshire bagging our 3rd shire in the process.

Over Christmas I started to doubt whether the ludicrous idea of Gregor learning to ride a bike and travel the length of Britain was ever going to happen. But after 3 strong cycles (one already covered in a previous blog by gregor and the great hole of Saltcoats aka "the greatest return since Walter Smith") I am once again confident and filled with belief.

Cycle 1 - Ewan's house to Stevenson

Gregor started the cycle resplendent in his snazzy new gear.

This was our first cycle of what was to be a huge year and possibly include the the greatest achievement of our lives. We started strongly. However as I headed up the hills I waited for Gregor at Kilwinning. When he arrived three miles into the journey he let me know he was finished and he was going straight home after he'd sat down for a rest. On the trip we will have a mere 77 miles more to do on any given day. The blog is a lesser place as I didn't catch this on picture. I think I threatened to find a new partner like some kind of stroppy wife.

However, after a 5 minute sit down and refuelling there was an incredible twist to the cycle as we strode on valiantly to the town of Stevenson. An incredible three miles past Kilwinning. As proven below.

 The smile says it all.

The third cycle to paraphrase Dr Hook in his pomp was "The Sweetest of All"

Incredibly we made it to South Ayrshire and in particular Troon
 As we passed Irvine I came over all old again and marvelled at how much better this bridge is than new ones.
Here Gregor the eco warrior saves a tree.  What you didn't see is the old lady who had been under it as he raced to catch it before the old lady's almost certain death. I was annoyed not to be quicker to get the camera out and made a mental note to be quicker next time.
 As we ploughed on I demonstrated my incredible strength by cutting down this tree with a single chop.
 Here we enter South Ayrshire and just to prove it, incase you can't read the sign, the close up is below.

As we started the return journey we connected Gregor's future phone into my new future handlebar radio and let the good times roll. The video below illustrates not only our bike tunes and the incredible future sound of the handlebar radio but most importantly the fun enjoyed by all as Gregor did a dance of delight. Classic times. Crazy days. I've seldom seen him so happy.

On the way home Gregor (friend of the animals (and trees as proved earlier))Miller fed the horses some hay and Hay what a great cycle HAHA. Finishing off with a joke. Leaving the reader smiling and sitting on the edge of their seat desperate to tune in to the next escapade (note that I said reader and not readers). I never meant that but left it in as it may be true - if we have one.

Love to the reader(s)

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  1. At least one reader. What a joyful start to a Monday morning this blog post was. Shame the video was "currently not available" when I tried...